BlockEcology is about ecological transformation starting where we are, with our neighbors, on our own blocks — it's about recognizing and activating the surprising ecological powers hidden in our yards and neighborhoods.

Some of the biggest changes can begin by doing the least. We’re asking you to join us in doing nothing.

The simple act of starting by doing nothing to your yard will lead to powerful shifts in our local ecology. We see a future full of wilder, taller and wonderfully diverse spontaneous urban meadows replacing the lawn.

With you we want to develop a future that considers the health of the community in relation to the health of the urban ecosystem.

We’ve got upcoming events, join us?

Mid-Summer Festival 

Sunday, May 20th | 7pm
Glenfield Park
Corner of Woodland & Wheeler

︎︎︎Urban Ecology Cocktails Demo (7-8pm)
︎︎︎Dandelion Wine, Cider, Urban Ecology Cocktails
︎︎︎Barbecued Pokeweed & Montclair Deer
$4 Individual  or Family ︎︎︎


Looking for our Montclair Ecology Tour? Have a listen and a walk, here:

︎ SoundCloud

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MID-SUMMER FESTIVAL︎ — Urban Ecology Cocktails — June 20th,  7:00pm-Sundown -  ︎ or ︎